School Council

Welcome to our School Council  


Pupil voice is incredibly important at Salisbury Primary School. We believe that our children should have the opportunity to say how we can improve their experiences at school.

The children went through a selection process having had to apply for the position of School Council representative. They had to present their reasons for why they should be selected, to their class members. The class then took a vote.

School Council meet each half term and discuss any issues children may have raised with them. This is a very useful process. The meetings held are recorded and the minutes shared with the Headteacher. School Council members are then informed of decisions about next steps.


There are many ways for School Council to have an impact on our school – here are a few ideas:


·         Improving lunchtimes/breaks

·         Enrichment/after-school clubs

·         Playground resources with sports coaches to lead games

·         Ways to promote health and wellbeing


Our School Council Representatives for 2023/2024 are:

Year 6 – Fikayo & Abdullah

Year 5 – Casey & Anya

Year 4 – Rashid & Husain

Year 3 – Nura & George

Year 2 – Yusuf & Sara


WELL DONE to all those elected this year!